Friday, 18 December 2009

Have yourself a little merry christmas ...

A sprinkle of snow was brushed acorss the rooftops and paving stones, I peared out from behind my steamy curtain, hands cupped around a cinnamon hot chocolate dressesd in my knitted mittens and baggy christmas jumper, the christmas tree sparkling with its glittered ornaments, causing a smile to makes its way across my face.

I shall be away this weekend, and until then, merry christmas dears ♥


Saturday, 12 December 2009


I would just like to pay a small yet loving word or two  to a lady with a grinning soul.
She was my dearest companions mother and did not deserve the hand that life had played out to her, however, she gambled her way through it all, living each day as if it were her last and we celebrated her life, with tears in our eyes, and gold in our hearts.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

draw me away

(click on the image to inlarge)

She had unruley hair; with a wave which falls over her face; and with all her might
she can never brush it away.
Everyone around her has dispersed
Cecilia is now a silent girl
For who would she have to talk to?
Except the friendly mouse and Eliza whom she seems only in her silver dreams
Where the clock endlessly chimes and the star dust falls into her bruised palms.
Cecilia is now a silent girl
No one understood her rich words; words unfit for such a place
She could talk of the purple sunrsie; the inky night sky and the honey dew on petals.
She walks barefoot; for the soles on her silver shoes had worn away
She likes to hum, like the birds in the trees
and to dance in the mirrored halls where no one can see her
Most of all she likes to speak to the stars
For she can understand their bueaitufl language.

17 days to micklemas

Sunday, 22 November 2009


--- I've had this collection since childhood; and I shall keep my tales evermore. ---
The day was spent watching rain race down windows and trudging my way into a vintage fashion fair where I tried on a dress with Beatles cartoons on it, however falied to buy it because it was over 100 pounds because it was a one-off, however my darling Mum purchased me a chritmas present which we will both wait to see.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

follow the yellow brick road

The weather in London is ridiculous I have to say, permenant puddles are forming and I have a bruised forehead for a rather vicious halestone.

Last night I actually though I was Dorothy being blown around in the sky in her sweet rammed down house with only toto for company, in a dull and black and white world.

Loving, Au revior

Monday, 9 November 2009

40th aniversary of Sesame street

Happy 40th birthday to you the Cookie Monster and Elmo. My childhood memories are full of Sesame street, the programme which was probably dearest to me when I was in my prime.

Morning walks. I like the quietness, the fact that its just you and greeness. I hear the birds singing in the trees, and although I cannot feel my fingers and my nose had gone pink, its beautiful when the sun, even for a moment , breaks through the delicate intricate branches of the bare treets, which looks a beautiful paper cut out, when the sun breaks through in a amazing warm beam, blinding all else, and feeling the heat on my back. Feeling the crip autumn leaves against my patent pointy shoes, hearing the crackle. Hair blowing in the refreshing wind. Walking to the dusty, abandoned and dust covered band stand, pastel coloured paint fades and peeling. Sitting on a bench, listening to Vienna by Ultravox or Sweet Disposition by the temper tramp, watching the occasional misfit, like myself, wander and marvel at the beauty of the park. Walking to the pond, wondering what magic lies on the bush covered island centered in the rippled water, I watched two swans, sadly they were as camera shy as the pigieons. That morning, it seemed as if anything was possible, thats a rare feeling which I seem to be getting less and less, I could have sworn I saw a fairy sitting on a log. Then again, I like to imagine things. Home to a quilt and a hot chocolate with a good book in bed. I like those types of days.

I am planning to do some bigger posts now because I know that my thoughts are not very fun; and thurther more interesting. What do you all like doing on cold days?

Love is not loving, but I shall love anyway,
Sophie xxx

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fairy tales don't write themselves

I've been a bit behind on my blog lately, due to the fact I've been trying to get organised at school which has proved itsself to be impossible. I didn't do much for halloween, I decorated my house in cobwebs and handed out my homemade cookies to the children ringing the bell. For the 5th of November, I had some of my dearest friends round, we walked to my local park and watched the fireworks, walked home with some candy floss whilst drawing our names with sparklers. What did you all get up to?

I like abracadabra and glitter illusions. I like the idea of falling down a rabbit hole or escaping to the second star on the right with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. I like rusty swings. I the smell of freshly cut grass, and pavements after a big thunder storm. I like huge old books with battered spines and small printed words. I like the book shops you find those books in, with messy stocks of them everywhere and the dust and the smell of old things. I like golden shoes, scuffed shoes, shoes with bows or heels which make loud sounds on shiny floors. I like clean floors, so clean that you almost don’t want to stand on them. I like sweet wrappers which crinkle and crunch when you fiddle with them. I like those huge perfectly swirled lollypops which you can hide a whole face behind. I like it when your up to your warm knees in crisp golden leaves. I like dew drops on flowers. I like lying down in the grass and making shapes out of the clouds. I like it when the sun appears through tree branches for a few seconds and then disappears. I like ladders in tights which go all the way down. I like dolls house furniture. I like snow, even though I don’t expierience it often. I like russian dolls. I like wearing a ring on every finger. I like drawing on my hands. I like silent films. I like post boxes. I like receiving letters with swirly handwriting.
I like making lists of what I like.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas no more...

The clock have gone back, the now golden crisp leaves are slowly floating down to the cold pavments, leaving the bare, thin trees looking like an elaborate paper cut out against the clear greyness of the sky; and now, when I go for my early morning walks in the winter sun, hearing the crisp of the leaves against my shoes, feeling snug in my thick military jacket and tweed scarf and seeing my breath infront of me when I exhale, to me, means that autumn is slowly arriving.

Today has been rather lazy for me, but non the less productive as I have finally gotten my school work out of the way with time to spare to quietly go down to my local high street and see what's new in the sweet and independant sleepy shops. I couldn't resistic getting a fortune fish from my favourite gift shop for it was only 50 pence and the retro packaging, which is now proudly taked to my wall, was adorable.
My fish curled up at both ends (the head and tail) and then eventually went into a full ball which means I am passionatly in love, which is fortunate seeing as one of the options of the fish was 'dead'.

There was once a small girl who was loney. Her parents were long gone, but she didn't mind, for in the warm suns of the year she had the fairies for company and their small woodland friends. However, when the weather grew cold and the wind became strong and wicked, the fairies went away and the girl was alone again, not even a word escaping through her small lips. So the girl hung on to summer, and although most of it managed to slip through her small and thin fingers, two butterflies remained, so that she, the lonely girl, had her winter company.'

All my loving;

Thursday, 22 October 2009

here goes ...

Somehow, I've changed more than I anticipated in the past few months.

I did not 'end' my previous blog ( because I grew bored or grew out of my blog, I wanted the blog to be different, I had plans for it and I thought it would be easier to have a fresh start instead of re-constructing my old one.
I hope that this blog will be bigger (and better) than the previous.

Sophie xxx